Energy Meters

The Danfoss SonoSelect 10 and SonoSafe 10 are ultrasonic compact energy meters intended for measur- ing energy consumption in heating and cooling applications for billing purposes. The meters are designed for remote meter read-out (AMR).

Pressure Independent _Control Valve (PICV)

The AB-QM valve equipped with an actuator is a control valve with full authority and an automatic balanc- ing function / flow limitation. Typi- cal applications are: Temperature control with permanent automatic balancing on terminal units (chillers, air-handling units, fan coils, induc- tion units, radiation panels and heat exchangers).

Pressure Reducing Valves

PRVs with Balanced Seat and Set Point Scale and with Diaphragm-actuated with Cartridge Insert, for protecting household water installations against excessive pressure from the supply. They can also be used for industrial or commercial ap- plications within the range of their specification.

2-Way & 3-Way Control Valves

2-way, 3-way control valves used for modulating con- trol of hot or chilled water in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Modulating control valves for providing precision flow control of hot or chilled water in various heating and cooling applications. Spring Return valves for use in Heating and Air condi- tioning systems to control the…

FCU Link

flowlT FCU link is a dedicated valve package designed specifically for the connection of the fan coil unit to chilled / hot water piping networks, giving end users a 100% error free and easy installation. FCU links are supplied with thermal insulation manufactured exclusively for the valve assembly.


Basic static valves (such as gate, globe, ball, check, strainers…etc) to the more specialized valves (high accuracy DRV’s, lever operated, gear operated and motorized butterfly valves, high PN rated valves…etc) along with numerous accessories for many items. The sizes available are from 15mm to over 2000mm Designed to BS 5154 n Pressure Rating: PN20 n…